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By bringing the Cross together with the Christmas wreath, a new Christmas symbol has been created.

The ChristWreath will be a symbol of Christian Pride and what HIS values bring to our lives, our country, and the world.

Most Christians place a round wreath on their home at Christmas.  How many would now display the ChristWreath on their home?
Or wear a beautiful ChristWreath Christmas Cross to affirm their pride in Christianity and support for Religious Freedom and Christian Family Values?

Isn't it time that Christianity stands up for Jesus? Now is the time!

Will you help introduce a new Christmas symbol into the USA ??


Will you help bring GOD back into America with HIS life values of LOVE ,not hate?


Wreaths and various holiday decorations show everyone that we celebrate the season... 


There are over 240,000,000 Christians in America.


If only 10%  embrace the meaning of the ChristWreath, that means we have to produce and display 24,000,000 (that's million) ChristWreath products.
Bring HIS symbol and HIS values back into the USA NOW.
How many jobs could we create in our community if we had to produce 24,000,000 ChristWreath symboled products??
 We now have "Christian" Christmas gifts that bring the CROSS of Jesus into our Christmas celebration.

Will you support this message?


History of the Christwreath

Screenshot 2019-10-23 at 1.43_edited.jpg

Kevin Austin, the founder of Christwreath, shares a few words on the origins of the new symbol of "Keep Christ in Christmas."

During the Christmas season a number of years ago, our pastor was lamenting that all we see is Frosty, Rudolph and Santa.

Secularism and the American atheist movement is being very effective in their war on Christmas and on Christianity.

The example below was a billboard placed in Time Square, New York City, during the Christmas season, by the American Atheist organization. 


To say this billboard is disturbing to all Christians is an understatement.
I was moved to stop just thinking about what should be done and to do something about it.
While our pastor continued I noticed a CROSS adjacent to him and behind that a beautiful Christmas wreath.


Hmmm...... why not bring together the CROSS, the universal symbol of Christ and the Christmas wreath, creating a new Christmas symbol, the ChristWreath, to serve as an affirmation of the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of the Christ Child.

Benefits of the Christwreath

Empower Christians with the FREEDOM to display a Symbol that represents the TRUE meaning of Christmas.   BE PROUD OF OUR CHRISTIAN FAITH and the good things it has brought to our nation and the world.

Creates fundraising opportunities for churches, schools and other non-profit organizations to fund various programs such as Youth and/or Family Ministries

A new Christmas Symbol intended to compete with Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph & Santa.   Let this new Christmas symbol become the reminder of what “The First Christian Family” brings to our lives.

The ChristWreath along with the new 3-R's  (Respect, Responsibility, and Righteousness) offers excellent sermon message opportunities during the entire Christmas Season.

Is Christmas a Religious Holiday or a Secular One?  The Answer is's all about HIM!

Manufacturer & Vendor Licensing


We were elated when we were notified by the United States Patent and Trademark office that the ChristWreath has been granted a Design Patent, Trademark, and Copyright for the ChristWreath design symbol.    
With having a design patent we now have the opportunity to make the ChristWreath,
the new Christmas symbol, a made in the USA product and help create badly needed jobs in America.


China can not take this design, theChristWreath, copy it, and bring it into the USA. 
We would ask that President Trump and the United States Government protect the integrity of the ChristWreath Patent in order to create JOBS in the USA for communities throughout America.
Will you help us create jobs, here in Saint Lucie County, by having ChristWreath symboled products manufactured here and contribute to our campaign?
We have a two-edged sword: a wonderful Christmas message to bring Christ back into Christmas and the ability to create needed jobs in America, both, through sharing the CROSS of Jesus Christ.


We will license all those wishing to manufacture a  ChristWreath symboled product.


We invite all artisans and manufacturers in the USA to create a ChristWreath symboled product to promote Keep Christ in Christmas, Christian Family Values and Religious Freedom.
**Wreath makers - Real and artificial, lighted wreaths, commercial-sized wreaths etc. 

**Jewelry - The ChristWreath Christmas Cross jewelry collection... necklace, bracelet, earrings etc. Jewelers..create your own ChristWreath design in gold, silver, diamonds etc.

**Artists - depict the ChristWreath design in your particular craft .....paintings, wood, metal, silver, glass, floral etc.

**Clothing - ChristWreath logo embossed to hats, scarfs, shirts, gloves, etc.

**Printers - Logo  T-shirts, caps, paper novelties, wineries, Christmas wine - print labels with ChristWreath symbol, etc.

If you would like to partner with Jesus creating your business by sharing the Christwreath Christmas cross, download the Licensing Registration Form and Licensing Agreement and send your completed registration form & signed agreement to:

Christwreath Inc. 

Tel: 772-341-6672


If you have any questions or wish to discuss licensing opportunities further, please contact us.

Winter Market Snow


During the Christmas Season, there are fundraising opportunities abound.    


Our plan is that churches, schools and charitable organizations can now use the ChristWreath symbol products as fundraisers to benefit their various efforts and fund their capital projects while promoting a positive Christian Message. 


Christwreath LLC has been formed to be a vehicle to support our Mission to Keep Christ In Christmas.

Please go to either and to review our Mission.

Click on our Billboard & Banners program and also our Lines for Jesus to see what we are planning for this Christmas season.


Make sure to click on the video song on our front page, Where's The Line To See says it all...a beautiful Christmas song.


We will use all the above to help promote our Mission to Keep Christ In Christmas and communicate the progress of our campaign.

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